FGM Whiteness HP Blue - Unit 35%

WHITENESS HP BLUE - UNIT 35% The right measure for 1 session. • Contains 1 set of 1.2 g syringes + Top dam 1g. Product Video:

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Features and benefits: • One application per session: the new autocatalisada formulation and alkaline stable pH allowed to change the product application protocol eliminating the gel changes in the same session. Older versions of bleaching to lose office activity of catalysts with time and generally alter its pH to more acidic groups, which creates the need for bleaching trading within the same session. With Whiteness HP Blue one application per time is made ​​longer per session. With this new protocol the whitening process has become more simple, agile, productive and safe.
• Pre-dosed portions: the ratio of the thickener phase and peroxide is pre-established and packaged in syringes, which facilitates the process of preparation of gel and results in time savings. The total amount dosed is quietly enough to cover smile line in the two dental arches, without waste.
• phase mixing facility: one of the syringes coupling system allows the two phases are easily mixed and guarantees perfect homogenization.
• Ease application: the gel obtained by the mixing of the phases has excellent consistency, homogeneous staining clearly visible and can be applied directly from the syringe through a nozzle. The application directly from the syringe greatly facilitates the process and means good gain time.
• No need to light: to be a autocatalisado product is unnecessary to use sources of accelerator (LED systems, high-power lasers and others).
• Does not change the color: the product does not change its color throughout the process easier visual control.
• autocatalisado System: a unique formula of Whiteness HP Blue product contains catalysts that make it much more active and efficient, eliminating the use of sources . external acceleration
• Efficacy: the new catalytic composition allows to obtain bleaching efficiency gel with 35%. To this concentration suggest the application time of 40 minutes.
• Excellent Wettability: main characteristic is that the product needs to be so that there is good transfer of peroxide to the dental structure is the wettability which provides the gel when deposited on the surface of enamel. If there is good wettability (affinity or inadequate consistency) transfer of peroxide is hindered and consequently the bleaching result is also. The formulation of the Whiteness HP Blue product follows the line of products HP Whiteness (FGM) and HP Maxx (FGM), already renowned for its excellent viscosity and wettability.
• Calcium Attendance: to contribute to the maintenance of enamel integrity when this is cleared, it was added to the formulation a source of soluble calcium in bleaching. Studies have shown that the presence of calcium in the bleaching contributed significantly in reducing enamel microhardness drop phenomenon always observed when making dental bleaching.

• naturally dark or yellowed teeth vital.
• Vital teeth darkened by age.
• Vital teeth that have discolored or stained by extraneous substances like coffee pigments, tobacco, tea, etc.
• In more challenging cases (severe blackening) can be used in combination with home technique.
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