Denstar Wax Pot_Digital - DS - 400

Classificaiton Input Power Source DENSTAR-400: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz AMP 120W: Weight (kg) 1.13 FUSE 4A: Weight (kg) 1.13 Temperature: 50°C~120°C, 122°F~248°F Dimension (mm): W192 / D114 / H70
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Wax Pot is a kind of the dental technician tools that melts the wax for dental technician tools in solid state into the state of liquid. It is a product that user can make precise technical tools through the maximum reducing of the temperature deviation range by having a certain amount of 4 waxes put into heating pot and melted without the change of the property of matter after setting the temperature, while checking and comparing the current temperature and set temperature with the naked eye. 01: Control of function is convenient and is designed ergonomically for the convenient working by the user. 02: Wax is melted fast and the attribute of wax is not changed while the state of liquid is maintained. 03: Required temperature can be set correctly due to the Digital Circuit Equipped with CPU. 04: Celsius and Fahrenheit (°C/ °F) can be conveniently selected.
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Country of Manufacture South Korea
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