PD Pulpotec P/L

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Radiopaque, non resorbable paste for the treatment of pulpitis by pulpotomy in vital molars, both permanent and deciduous.

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Properties Pulpotec is a filling paste for simple, rapid and long-term treatment by pulpotomy of vital molars, both permanent and deciduous. The addition of pharmacological constituents ensures an aseptic treatment, induces cicatrization of the pulpal stump at the chamber-canal interface, whilst maintaining the structure of
the underlying pulp.


Adults treatment of pulpitis on permanent vital molars. This actually includes the pre-treatment of molars
prior to making abutments for a fixed prosthesis (either individual or bridge).
Gerodontics treatment by pulpotomy of molars suffering calcified root canal. Clinical recovery of the tooth
can be brought about by using the same methods as those used in treating young adults.
Pedodontics treatment of pulpitis on immature permanent vital molars, enabling a complete radicular
restoration of the tooth. Treatment of pulpitis in temporary vital molars. Treatment of infected deciduous molars by pulpotomy even in the presence of an abscess. This indication is the only exception to the rule of pulpotomy on vital teeth, and must be treated by regular pulpotomy, without going beyond the floor of the pulp chamber in order Pulpotec never to be introduced in the radicular canal of deciduous teeth.

The numerous indications for using Pulpotec in pedodontics, clearly indicate its usefulness in this field.


Powder Iodoform, Polyoxymethylene, excipient
Liquid Phenol, Guaiacol, Formaldehyde, Dexamethasone Acetate, excipient

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Country of Manufacture Switzerland
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