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Self-adhesive Posterior Restorative

The name EQUIA stands for "Easy - Quick - Unique - Intelligent - Aesthetic" and denotes a totally new approach to filling therapy: restorations based on glass ionomer technology have never been so aesthetic and translucent, high-performing and economical! EQUIA is the first to combine quick and easy handling with perfect physical and incomparably aesthetic properties. Recent clinical studies and evidences indicate that EQUIA can be used as a long term restorative material in stress bearing Class I and in limited sized Class II cavities! This makes EQUIA the most ideal alternative to amalgams and compomers.

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GC Equia


EQUIA Restorative Concept was launched in March 2007 bearing the components Fuji IX GP EXTRA + G-Coat PLUS. Since March 2011, it has been rebranded as a New Restorative System bearing the components EQUIA Fil and EQUIA Coat. All the products Fuji IX GP EXTRA, G-Coat PLUS and the EQUIA Restorative System co-exist in the market.


Total time neededfor a 2 surface
Amalgam Composite EQUIA
In Minutes 20.50 25.86 17.24
In percentage 118.91 150 100
* Source: The modified table has been made by Prof. Dr. K.H. Friedl based on the original published work at "Materialien zur Beanspruchungsdauer und Beanspruchugshöhe ausgewählter Behandlungsanlache", Deutscher Zahnärzte Verlag DÄV 2002

EQUIA gives a substantial 50% time advantage over a standard 2 surface restoration done with Composite and approximately a 19% advantage over Amalgam.

Bulk-fil application
Packing & contouring
Application of coating

Completed in 3'25"

  • Hassle-free one-step bulk placement
  • Superior moisture tolerance
  • Nearly no shrinkage stress
  • No reported post operative tooth sensitivity
  • No bonding and etching procedures needed
  • Optional use of a rubber dam
  • Packable and non-sticky for easy placement


  • EQUIA's incomparable aesthetics widen your posterior restorative options to fulfil your patients' expectations.
  • Achieve unrivalled shine and smooth surfaces with a durable, natural gloss easier than ever before.
  • The restoration is protected against discolouration for long-term colour stability.
  • No need for any complex finishing and polishing.
  • The nine shades allow you to always find a color match.
Dr. M.Kukurba-Setkowicz, Poland  



The performance of this new system has clinically been proven over several years. Together with numerous, onging clinical studies worldwide, this attributes to an evidence based restorative approach which provides a great alternative for your daily routine.

  • Protection against recurrent decay as well as protection for adjacent teeth.
  • The coating protects the margins of the restoration against micro leakage.
  • Extended indications of use compared with other GIC materials as confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

Results of clinical studies:

  • EQUIA shows an excellent initial colour match*.
  • EQUIA was found to be as efficacious as the micro-filled composite resin system*.
  • EQUIA may be used as a permanent restoration material for any sized Class I and in smaller Class II cavities*.
  • EQUIA system seems to be a reliable choice for long-term dental restorations, even in load bearing teeth surfaces*.

Annual Failure Rate (%)

Clinical effectiveness of contemporary adhesives: A systematic review of current clinical trials
M. Peumans, P. Kanumilli, J. De Munck, K. Van Landuyt, P. Lambrechts, B. Van Meerbeek - Dent Mater. 2005 Sep;21(9):864-81

No delamination layer at the interface

EQUIA Coat filling up porosities
  • Coating is designed to wear off uniformly after several months
  • Undergoes a unique maturation effect attributed to saliva resulting in increased strength that is similar to universal posterior composites*
  • High fluoride release provides protection against secondary caries and protection for adjacent teeth

Flexural Fatigue Resistance of EQUIA (under wet conditions)

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