Denstar Wax Carving Pencil - DS - 110N

Classificaiton Input Power Source DENSTAR-110N: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz AMP 20W: Weight (kg) 0.4 FUSE 2A: Weight (kg) 0.4 Temperature: 50°C~200°C, 122°F~392°F Dimension (mm): W152 / D123 / H70
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Wax Carving Dual Pencil is a tool for the dental technician and is a molder of electric carving and wax model. It is easy to adjust the temperature with various carving tips provided, and it is very efficient for the precise and delicate wax works.

01. High heat conductivity, long lifespan of the products, and designed ergonomically fro convenient working.
02. Circuit type of 2-Lines fro simultaneous performing of two works.
03. Long lifespan of products, high heat conductivity, with the function of precise adjusting and reset of the temperature.
04. User convenience is much enhanced as the product is light in SMP Stype and can be used without separate operation up to AC100-240V.
05. There is no sense of fatigue despite of the use in long time as the grip area of caring knife is treated with silicon.
06. Carving knife can be distinguished by only colors as both tips of the carving knife are marked with distinguishable colors (Blue, Yellow).

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Country of Manufacture South Korea
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